Our mission is to distribute and archive works of time-based art. Each issue highlights artists working in new or experimental media, whose works are best documented in video or sound.

Volume 16: Lo-tech presents nine artists who work with basic, or in some cases antiquated technology, either as an aesthetic or technical choice. As the rate of technological advancement increases, nostalgia for fleeting technologies swells. The term lo-tech also describes modern techniques and equipment that are no longer cutting-edge. Today’s innovative technology is tomorrow’s lo-tech with the accompanying cultural and psychological references, connotations, and baggage.

In these works, bodies cooperate with electricity to transmit signals, stickers function as pixels, plastic letters and water work wonders, video is addressed as construction paper, anthropomorphic shrimp roam the streets, home movies are transformed, an homage is paid to an iconic drumbreak, the mechanics of the view camera are exploited, and neighbors engage through video.

Featuring work by:
• Shannon Castleman, with commentary by Weng Choy Lee
• Matthew Gamber, with commentary by Amani Olu
• Hotel Modern, with commentary by John Bell
• Jeff Kolar, with commentary by Meredith Kooi
   This work is an excerpt. The full work will appear on V.17 Hi-tech.
• LoVid, with commentary by Ed Halter
• Linda Price-Sneddon, with commentary by Nick Capasso
• Joshua Rosenstock, with commentary by Wayne Marshall
• Tore Terrassi, with commentary by Benjamin Lima
• TheGreenEyl, with commentary by Peter Hall


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Company Information —The mission of ASPECT is to foster a deeper understanding of contemporary new media art by expanding access, education, and distribution of the genre.  ASPECT pioneered DVD distribution of artworks and continues to set the standard for new media art publishing and distribution.  ASPECT is a biannual DVD magazine of new media art.  Each issue highlights 5-10 artists working in new media whose works are best documented in video or sound, including in-depth information on the artists and commentary by distinguished curators and critics. Individual issues and subscriptions are available directly from the ASPECT website.