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10:00 minutes
with commentary by Laura Donaldson
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(Will The Last Fort Point Channel Artist Please Turn Out The Lights)

This is a Project by two Boston artists to territorialize and adapt unused urban space to the needs of displaced artists in the Fort Point Channel area. The intent was to design, build, and live on a raft in the channel as a live/work studio, highlighting the resourcefulness and adaptability required of artists to maintain a place to make work in Boston’s often difficult and changing market. While in no way intended as protest against the influences behind the transformations of Fort Point Channel, the plan was to maintain typical daily life as artists; going to work, ordering take-out, working in the studio, and sustaining a social life. Since we would be visible from any of the several bridges that span the channel, we presented a public work that addressed the condition of being an artist, in that particular time and place, as well as a proactive attempt to find an alternate solution.